Todd Koellen

Branch Manager

I am most proud of this review posted online 7/14/2016 by Brigadier General, U.S.Army (Retired) GKBombel from Clayton, WA: Todd Koellen is the most outstanding, customer oriented financing professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with after many years of dealing with a myriad of banks, trying to finance houses or businesses. From the very beginning it was obvious to me that Todd was willing to exert as much energy as necessary to satisfy the requirements I had for a bank loan. Not only did he bring a totally professional arsenal of business knowledge and experience to bear on my particular needs, but he made it a pleasant virtually pain free experience. He meticulously explained and outlined each requirement and step in the process in such a way as to make me feel that I really was being armed with the data necessary to make some tough decisions. I chose to work with Todd over dealing with my own bank of 28 years because he came so highly recommended by people who had enjoyed a totally positive financing project with him. I will recommend Todd every chance I get to those that are seeking financial assistance. Additionally, Todd exemplifies those professional, moral and ethical traits that we look for in the people that we trust. As a retired Army General Officer I have worked with some outstanding professional during my 30 career. None take a back seat to Todd. He is a patriot and epitomizes all the great qualities we look for in our very best Americans. George A. Bombel, Brigadier General, U.S.Army (Retired). Ready to help. Call or Text 509-993-7368. Personally helping clients with honesty and integrity since 1988.

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LeaderOne’s mission and commitment to you is dedicated to facilitating the dream of homeownership by providing you with Five-Star Service.

We believe in earning your trust by communicating to you the information you need to know, when you need to know it and by offering the right mortgage for your unique financial picture at a competitive and fair price.

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LeaderOne Financial Corporation is a revolution in mortgage banking. We are committed to our values of Service, Empowerment, and Accountability.

Our ownership model combines the best of both worlds; a commitment to individual empowerment with the backing of a solid, experienced, and committed team. Our customer experience is a function of our employee experience. Together, we truly can achieve more. Our belief in employee engagement doesn’t have a finish line.

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One way My team strives to provide our clients and real estate agents with peace-of-mind through the mortgage process is by pre-underwriting each loan to uncover any hidden challenges or questions. Whether you are 30 days or 12 months away from exploring your home financing options, let's talk today about your unique lending scenario and personal goals.

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Todd Koellen

Branch Manager

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